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Why keep chickens at your school?

: News & Articles : Schools and Farming : Why keep chickens at your school?
Posted on: 2011-03-12

It's very easy to forget where our food comes from and some children don't even know. Not knowing about the animals we farm discourages children from making choices about which food to eat, which provider they might use, be that a local farmer or a supermarket, and prevents them from learning how to check their food is fresh and healthy for consumption.

Chickens are one of the easiest farm animals to keep and show children the farming process from start to finish: how to properly care for the animal, how eggs are produced, and to introduce them responsibly to meat consumption.

Why use Marriotts Smallholding Supplies?

We offer very competitive rates on most of our products, and exception ones on Carefree Coops, Eco Friendly Recycled Poultry Housing.

Please download a copy of our complimentary Risk Assessment for Keeping Chickens in School or College/University Property for your use.

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