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New For 2012 - High Quality Chicken Houses, Alumimium, Plastic and Zinc

: News & Articles : Smallholding and Self Sufficiency : New For 2012 - High Quality Chicken Houses, Alumimium, Plastic and Zinc
Posted on: 2012-06-16

These are the best built poultry houses we have seen on the market and are excellent value, they will be on sale here late June 2012!

You may never need to buy a new house, unless you run out of space for more information please email us:

General Information & Materials

  • Body: solid plastic sheet
  • Roof and nest box lid: plastic coated zinc plated sheet
  • All joining brackets: aluminium
  • Rivets: aluminium
  • Screws: stainless steel
  • Roof insulation: high density polystyrene
  • Roof liner: galvanized sheet
  • Hinges: stainless steel
  • Nest box hooks: solid galvanized steel
  • All sliding bolts and brackets: aluminium (all sliding bolts can be pad locked)
  • Corner protection: solid plastic
  • Handles: plastic handle galvanized plate and bar
  • The chicken house comes with a base frame with two wheels so is easy to move.
  • The wheels are plastic with a rubber tyre the base frame is zinc coated steel.
  • The whole house can be pressure washed.
  • All materials are resistant to cleaning materials, bleach jays fluid etc. Oil and fuels. To keep in top condition, when 
  • Washed and disinfected let it dry [the materials used are non absorbent so will dry quickly in the sun or wind] then wipe 
  • Over with wd 40 or a silicone spray.
  • Exterior only so not to interfere with any disinfecting powders sprays etc.
  • All the materials are non chewable, and totally non absorbent to liquids.
  • The house is fully vented having vents at the base and top of roof, so a ensuring a good flow of clean fresh air.
  • The roof is insulated to help lessen the build up of heat from direct sun light, and to stop the forming of condensation.

Please remember large birds need more space, the houses below are only a guide

  • 0-4 bird house
  • 0-8 bird house
  • 0-16 bird house
  • 0-16 bird walk in
  • 0-24 bird walk in

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